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Socio-economic indicators and population health in Irkutsk oblast Print
Monday, 08 October 2012

Z.A. Zaykova
Department of the Federal service on protection of consumers rights and human wellbeing, Irkutsk oblast, Irkutsk

Summary. The role of social economic factors grows in importance in the present situation of active reforms associated with certain crises and collapses, while effects of these factors on health condition of the population are becoming rather pronounced. The aim of this study was to evaluate socio-economic factors and to determine their effects on population health in the Irkutsk region. The study is based on the data from the socio-hygienic monitoring conducted by the Irkutsk Department of Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, Irkutsk Division of Federal State Statistics Service, Federal State Statistics Service for the years 2001-2011 (about 30 indicators), clustering methods of comparative and correlation analysis.

Region of Irkutsk dropped in the median range in the Russian administrative divisions set - along most social economic indicators. This region was, however, a bit peculiar for wide range of people living on incomes below subsistence level, high level of unemployment, and poor housing provision. Comparative analysis for social economic indicators in 2010 of various municipalities in the region of Irkutsk showed 2 to 11-fold multiplicity.

The health of the population of the Irkutsk region is currently estimated as unfavourable due to high mortality and disability levels, increasing prevalence and incidence of diseases, low life expectancy. Inter-municipalities discrepancy in life expectancy reached 11 years being indicative of acute social unequality as concerns health condition.

Pearson correlation coefficients values derived in our analysis evidenced close relationship between health condition of the population and social economic factors, especially macroeconomic ones. Evaluation of these social economic factors and determining of their effects on health condition of the population were indispensable for elaborating measures for quality of life improvements of the population through certain management decisions of the regional authorities.

Keyword.: Socio-economic indicators; population health; socio-hygienic monitoring; rating.


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