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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow Ļ1 2013 (29) arrow Methodological approaches to survey patientsí satisfaction with high-tech medical care
Methodological approaches to survey patientsí satisfaction with high-tech medical care Print
Tuesday, 19 March 2013

T.A. Siburina1, G.N. Barskova1, L.V. Laktionova2
Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow
2Hospital Ļ83, Federal Medical and Biological Agency, Moscow

Summary. Survey of satisfaction with medical care correlated with public needs is an important social component of performance assessment of health care facilities. Voiced by the public persistent dissatisfaction with health services rendered calls for more active research to develop a unified understanding of satisfaction with medical care including high-tech care. Currently there is no common understanding of criteria and factors that mainly affect the degree of patientsí satisfaction with medical care.

This article summarizes results of analysis of conceptual and methodological approaches that are most frequently used to study this issue in medical and social research and sociological research as well as authorí methodological approaches to assess satisfaction. The aim of this work is to rationalize separation of sociological survey of public opinion and marketing study of patientsí needs in terms of their satisfaction with certain health care facilities or specific medical services. The article highlights the need for evidence-based rational for composition of parameters and their priority in the general assessment of patientsí satisfaction stripped off any subjunctive and individual bias. Indicators of satisfaction, selected for the analysis should reflect cause-and-effect nature of factor interrelations and level of attainment of strategic targets.

The proposed approach to assess satisfaction as a reflection of consumerís demand in social marketing focuses on the development of managerial decisions to stimulate high-tech medical services with due regard to patientsí needs and targets of health care facilities, ensuring improved competitive advantages through increased consumer appeal of medical care and services, their uniqueness, high effectiveness and efficiency.

Keywords. Satisfaction with medical care; methodological approaches; high-tech medical care; public opinion surveys; social marketing; consumer demand.



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