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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow 1 2016 (47) arrow TRAUMATIC MORTALITY AND ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION IN MURMANSK REGION
Tuesday, 15 March 2016
Shelygin K.V., Lozhkina L.I.
Northern State Medical University, Psychiatrics and Clinical Psychology Chair, Arkhangelsk

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Abstract. Relevance of the topic is due to the fact that the external causes of death takes one of the leading places in the statistics of mortality in the Russian Federation. It is known that the mortality rate from external causes has a significant alcohol dependence.

The study purpose: to determine relationship between levels of traumatic mortality and alcohol consumption in the Murmansk region, estimate share of alcohol component in the traumatic deaths in 1989-2014 in male and female population aged 15 years and over.

Research objectives: to reveal relationship between the alcohol consumption indicator and injury mortality rate in male and female population; to estimate an additional share of alcohol association mortality in the general level of male and female traumatic mortality.

Materials and methods: the analysis used standardized mortality rates from injuries and alcohol poisoning. Time series analysis was carried out by the autoregressive integrated moving average. Mortality from alcohol poisoning in population aged 15 years and over was used as indicator of alcohol consumption.

Results: There is a significant positive correlation at zero lag between traumatic mortality and death from alcohol poisoning. It was found out that increase in deaths from alcohol poisoning in population aged 15 years and over by one case per 100,000 population is associated with increase in death rate from injuries by 1.8% in men and 1.7% in female population. On average, alcohol-related incremental share of traumatic deaths adds up to 24.6% in male population and 23.4% in female population.

The results can be used to develop and implement measures aimed at reducing traumatic deaths at the regional level.

Keywords: mortality; injury; alcohol; Murmansk region.



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