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Monday, 07 May 2007
About the Journal

"Social aspects of population health" scientific web publication (scientific and practical journal) is issued by the Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation since 2007. The Journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in Communication, Information Technologies, and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor). The certificate on registration of mass media El FS 77-67384 dated by October 05 2016.

By the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of January 27, 2016, the "Social aspects of population health" scientific journal is included in the "List of the leading reviewed scientific journals and publications in which the main scientific results of the dissertations for doctor and candidate degrees are to be published".

The journal is released every two months (six issues per a year). The publication is intended for scientific workers, lectures at medical universities, heads of healthcare facilities and institutions, as well as practitioners.

The journal received an international code ISSN 2071-5021.

The journal is included in the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI). All issues of the journal (since 2007 to 2017) are available at the e-library website (http://elibrary.ru). There were no failures or delays in availability of the journal issues on website http://elibrary.ru.

According to the license agreement 5828-01 concluded with "Iteos" corporation, all journal publications (from 2007) are in open access at the "Kiberleninka" electronic library on the following domain names: cyberleninka.ru, cyberleninka.net, cyberleninka.com, cyberleninka.org.

The journal is also included in Ulrich's periodicals directory international data base.

In accordance with the "Agreement CRNA-186-16 for paid provision of service for connecting to CrossRef international system of bibliographic references", the journal provides free DOI assignment to all scientific works.

The journal is duplicated at the website of the Central scientific medical library at the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University according to the agreement concluded. Access to full-text articles is free.

In connection with the processes of integrating health and social problems, a whole series of theoretical aspects that urgently need their special consideration arises. One of them is interdisciplinary interaction and changing the role of some positions (narrow professional scientific and practical activity and a wide social context) in contemporary health sciences. This fact dictates the need in a special modern periodical publication that could reflect the problems and achievements in these areas. "Social aspects of population health" is a contemporary electronic journal that reflects precisely the complex of these challenges and achievements

The subject of the electronic journal is a multifaceted. It includes such problems as health policy, demographic situation, environmental impact on population health, healthcare system activity, human health resource training, legislation and regulation acts in healthcare. Much attention is given to studying the health status of some categories of population and the factors that influence population health, especially social and hygienic factors, and epidemiological situation in various regions of Russia.

A wide range of problems that are discussed in the journal determines its social, political, science and practical significance.

The authors of the journal's publication are applicants for doctor and candidate of medical science degrees in the following sections of the Higher Attestation Commission List of scientific themes: 14.02.03 - Public health and healthcare; 08.00.05 - Economy and nation economy management; Population Economy and demography; 22.00.03 - Economical sociology and demography.

The number of authors is increasing their representation from various regions of Russian is growing. The website traffic is increasing rapidly together with the number of downloads. The representatives from more than 150 countries visit the website annually.

"Social aspects of population health" electronic journal is distributed free with no subscription; it is available for all categories of readers. The publications follow the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation and "Recommendation for caring out, description, editing and publishing the results of scientific activity in medical journals" developed by International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). Revised version 2016.

The journal articles are published in Russian. Every article is supplemented by an informative summary and metadata in Russian and English.

The main content of the journal is scientific articles and reviews.

Subjects (basic headings) of the journal

Health organization
Informatization of health care
Demographic problems
Public health
A healthy lifestyle
Disease Prevention
Prevention of non-communicable diseases
Prevention of infectious diseases
The health of children and adolescents
Women's health
Elderly health
Occupation and health
Socially significant diseases
Health Economics
Problems of epidemiology
Medicine and law
Medical personnel
Science and education
Problems pharmacy
Problems of bioethics
Problems of scientometrics
History of medicine
World Health Organization Documentation Centre
A notification of the publication

Goal of the journal is to propagate new scientific knowledge on population health in a social context. The journal is a specialized multidisciplinary publication in which a complex of scientific problems related to an impact of social aspects on the population health is discussed. The journal is considered as a platform for providing active scientific interaction between domestic and foreign specialists, as well as exchange of operative information between scientists and physicians in various countries.

The basic targets of the journal are:

  • providing Russian scientists the opportunity to publish free the results of their scientific researches on actual problems of public health and healthcare;
  • scientific reviewing of all scientific articles submitted to the journal for publication;
  • providing the information exchange between researches from various regions and countries;
  • open access to all publication of the journal;
  • equal opportunities to publish scientific articles for both leading scientists and young authors.

The structure of journal website

  • Home page.
  • Fresh issue.
  • Archive (all publications of journal issues and supplements from 2007 till the present).
  • Search.
  • About the journal (information "About the journal", "Publication ethics of the journal", "Licensing").
  • Editorial board: the list of members of the editorial board, academic degree, academic title, place of work, position, ORCID.
  • Editorial counsel: the list of the member of editorial board, contact information, academic degree, academic title, place of work, position, ORCID.
  • Editorial staff: the list of the editorial workers, contact information, position.

Information for authors: requirements for manuscripts; the procedure of reviewing the articles submitted to the journal; the rules for preparing the articles for publication; formation of reference lists; examples of formation of the reference list (Russian and English blocks); supplements: an example of direction; reminder for journal's reviewer; an example of the title page design; appeal, withdrawal (retraction) of articles.

  • Contacts: official website of the publishing office and E-mail of the journal, contact information of the editor-in-chief.


About license

According to the Article 1285 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation submission for publication implies transfer of the exclusive rights for the article and related illustrations and photographic images from the author(s) to the "Social Aspect of Population Health" e-Journal.

Submitting a manuscript, the author thereby guarantees that they are the rightsholder of all materials sent to the editor, and guarantees that exclusive rights to these materials have not been transferred or given to other parties.

Upon receipt of the article and related materials, the "Social Aspects of Population Health " e-Journal can use the received scientific materials without restrictions at its discretion within the entire duration of exclusive rights, but with the obligatory indication of the author (authors)' name, including publication of articles (in full) worldwide, translation into other languages, sending for depositing in repositories of scientific information, posting on the Internet and use of other legal means.

Declaration about open access

The Journal's editorial staff pursues the policy of open access to information that is published in the journal. All articles submitted for publication in the journal, are published under the open license (Article 1286.1 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation) and Creative Commons BY 4.0 ("Attributions") license. This type of license allows others to distribute, edit, correct and to take your article as a basis provided indication of authorship and without additional restrictions. This means that you cannot apply any legal restrictions or technological measures that create legal obstacles to others in implementing any things permitted by the license.

By submitting a manuscript for publication, the author(s) gives (give) consent for its further use in accordance with this type of license.

Therefore, all articles published in the Journal, are available from the Internet around-the-clock and free of charge.

Archiving policy

The Journal's editorial staff ensures archiving of the published articles and related metadata in Russian and English languages. Archiving, indexing and depositing of the articles is provided by the Scientific electronic library eLIBRARY, the Russian provider of the Russian index of scientific citation, under the Contract SIO-6738/2016. Provision of free of charge and around-the-clock access to full texts is one the deposing conditions.

The Journal's editorial staff also recognizes the authors' right for self-archiving of their articles upon their publication via full or partial posting on their web sites, in blogs, social networks, as well as in open repositories of scientific information and public libraries worldwide, provided indication of the original source of publication and active links to the relevant page at the Journal's website or eLIBRARY website.

svidetelstvo.pdf (1.9 )

The Journal is released six times a year.

Established in 2007.

Certificate of mass media registration 77-28654 as of July 19th, 2007.

Registration certificate 377 of the "Informregistr" RTC as of October 4th, 2010

Editorial address: 11, Dobrolyubova Str., Moscow, Russia, 127254.

Materials are reviewed and edited.

Copyrighted materials do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher.

Editorial is not responsible for any information contained in promotional materials.

Reprint without permission of the publisher is prohibited.

Reference is obligatory.

All published rights belong to the Journal.

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