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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow 2 2011 (18) arrow On organization of functioning of establishments of public health under the state (municipality) ordering system
On organization of functioning of establishments of public health under the state (municipality) ordering system Print
Wednesday, 01 June 2011

Solodkiy V.A.1, Perkhov V.I.2, Stebunova R.V. 2, Belostotskyi A.V.3
1 Russian Scientific Center of Roentgenoradiology, Moscow
2 Federal Public Health Institute, Moscow
3 Municipal Clinical Hospital No.55, Moscow

The resume. Federal Act No.83 dated 08.05.2010 On amendments to several legislative acts of Russian Federation for improvement of legal status of public (municipal) institutions affects fundamental operation principles of the whole healthcare system through arrangement of conditions for development of healthcare providers of a new type. The Act has two principal aims. The first aim is to provide incentives and capabilities for executive authorities in order to optimize the network of subordinated institutions. The second aim is to create conditions for the most effective use of budget resources in budget institutions. In order to achieve the first aim, broadening of powers for executive authorities in terms of reorganization, changing the type and appropriate liquidation of subordinated institutions is proposed. To achieve the second aim, broadening of powers for budget institutions; elimination of subsidiary responsibility; handover of revenue management to budget institutions; switch to government (municipal) task subsidies are expected. The article substantiates a conclusion that neither the Federal Act No.83 as it is, nor amendments to corresponding legislative acts of Russian Federation done in accordance with this Federal Act, include healthcare-specific regulation of development and financing procedures of government (municipal) task. The authors demonstrate that specifics of healthcare and health services require further research and methodological elaboration of capabilities and development of alternatives for healthcare facilities to perform tasks in compliance with healthcare system functions and main public health activities.

Key words: budget, autonomous, government healthcare institutions; public (municipal) healthcare service; government (municipal) task.


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