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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣2 2011 (18) arrow Scientific approach to health condition and efficiency of medical social rehabilitation h in medical specialists engaged in thanatos-praxis activity
Scientific approach to health condition and efficiency of medical social rehabilitation h in medical specialists engaged in thanatos-praxis activity Print
Thursday, 02 June 2011

Nesterenko E.I.1, Trifonova N.Yu.2, Vasin D.L.3
1 Scientific research institute of railway system hygiene, Moscow
2Russian State Medical University, Moscow
3Memorial A.S.Puchkov Station of emergency medical aid, Moscow

The resume. Medical services are provided not only within the life span of a person, but also without. Pathologic examination and autopsy, organ and tissue transplantation manipulations, preparation of a cadaver for sepulture, etc. are medical services beyond the generally accepted biologic life span of a person.

These services are provided in institutions of urgent medical care, as well as by undertakers. Preparation of a cadaver for sepulture includes sanitary and cosmetic processing of the trunk, balm application and image restoration. These measures are aimed at preserving or restoring the eternal image of the late person for the relatives to follow him off in a decent way.

These services also imply prevention of arising and propagation of infectious diseases, thus preserving a sound sanitary hygienic ambience and safeguarding counter-epidemics safety in the locality. All these services are performed by special staff consisting of physicians and technicians of urgent aid crews, embalmer, embalming assistant, embalming and restoring image-maker.

Factors of professional harm affecting health condition of medical specialists engaged in sepulture institutions are widely literary elucidated, despite that, certain social hygienic aspects of professional activities in thanatos-praxis are not studied properly well, in particular - their life-style affecting health condition and measures for medical social rehabilitation. These important factors were determined, and the study evaluating their health condition was performed. International Nomenclature and nosology classification of 10th revised edition was implemented in this study.

As a result, professional health harms of medical staff engaged in thanatos-praxis was additionally studied, and the necessity for health reconstructive medical measures with follow-up evaluation of their efficiency was well grounded.

Key words: rehabilitation, medical staff, thanatos-praxis activity, health condition, efficiency of medical measures.


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