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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow №4 2011 (20) arrow Improving of the accounting and analysis system of medical consequences of road traffic accidents in the Voronezh region
Improving of the accounting and analysis system of medical consequences of road traffic accidents in the Voronezh region Print
Sunday, 04 December 2011

Artamoshina M.P., Dezhurny L.I.
Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Moscow

Summary. Since 1972, state statistical accounting (automatic performance being implied) in the Russian Federation for road traffic accidents, including data on the lethal victims and injured victims, has been conducted by organs of Interior Affairs. Nevertheless, medical establishments also has been accounting on victims and injured persons in road traffic accidents using record-keeping forms specially designed for medical and disease prevention organizations; in particular, the Form No.57 “Data on traumas, poisoning, and other consequences of external impacts in the current year” and the Form No.40 “Account of the station/department of urgent medical care” are being implemented.

In 2008, introduction of monitoring for traffic road traumatism was initiated in many departments of urgent medical care of Voronezh Region, and it was based on specially designed tool: “Form to account persons suffered due to road traffic accidents by a station/department of urgent medical care”. This Form was supported by the specially developed Program of automotive processing of data.

This Paper presents summarized data on these issues including category of urgent care team, its professional staff composition, professional qualification of the team’s chief, time points of fulfillment of the call, distribution of victims along gender, age, and role category of a victim as a participant of road traffic, severity of health position, intoxicants in-take status, etc.

62% of realized urgent care team visits were fulfilled by physicians teams, and 38% - by medical assistants teams. 3 time intervals were recorded and analyzed in this study: 1. From trauma occurrence up to the reception of the call by a department of urgent medical care; 2. From receiving a call up to arrival of the team at the accident scene; 3. From the start of conveying the victim to a local facility up to the arrival at this medical station. 10 minutes were in 80%(1), 60%(2), 59% (3) of cases, 11-20 minutes – in 7%(1), 28%(2), 27%(3) of cases; 21-30 minutes 4%(1)of cases , 9%(2), 10%(3) of cases ;31-40 minutes – 3%(1) of cases; 41-50 minutes and more – 4%(3)of cases ; 51-60 min – 4%(1), 3%(2) of cases. 45% of the victims were passengers, 35% were drivers, 15% were pedestrians. 62% of the victims were males, embracing 29.4% of the passengers, 94.9% of the drivers, 82.4% of the pedestrians. Persons younger than 19 yr comprised 14% of the total number of victims. 13% of victims were intoxicated. 10.3% of drivers, 5.9% of pedestrians, 2% of passengers admitted to urgent healthcare mobile facility had died prior to entering hospitalization procedure. Federal automobile roads that were situated beyond populated localities were the scene for 50% of surviving injured victims 64% of lethal victim. 52% of the passengers, 41% of the drivers, 11% of the pedestrians were evaluated as “satisfactory” for their health position; 44%, 49% and 61% of assessed passengers, drivers, and pedestrians, accordingly, had ‘next to grave’ or ‘grave’ position; 4%, 10%, and 28% of victims, accordingly, had terminal phase at the medical check-up or pre-received OPD-label before the arrival of an urgent care team.

We are of the opinion that the Accounting Forms with data on victims of road traffic accidents constitute the sound basis for valid and valuable statistical analysis in this sphere of public life.

Key words. Road traffic accidents, accounting system, injured victims, lethal victims.


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