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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣4 2012 (26) arrow Complex evaluation of staff management prospects in a research clinical facility: system of information and analysis
Complex evaluation of staff management prospects in a research clinical facility: system of information and analysis Print
Monday, 08 October 2012

Ye.A. Glukhova, Ye.L. Potyemkin
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow

Summary. To outline the rationales of the techniques for the evaluation of staff resources of a research clinical facility, involving the assessment of current condition and analysis of future prospects.

Theoretical conceptions and methodological techniques for the assessment of future prospects of staff resources were the main focus of this study. To the end of elaborating complex evaluation of staff resources prospects, the quantitative and qualitative constituents of these resources were distinguished and investigated into along reproducible techniques.

This complex evaluation of the prospects of staff management was adjusted so as to provide optimal relationship between quantitative and qualitative constituents of the staff resources-in-question. This optimal relationship was obtained with the use of reproducible techniques based on modern information technologies. The procedures of evaluation of condition and analysis of prospects of the staff resource of a given research and clinical facility were equipped witháproperly designed conceptions and formalized reproducible techniques specified for this study. A unified technology of accounting and evaluating staff resources of a given research clinical facility was developed in this studyáupon implementation of certain reproducible techniques; that technology provided sound approaches to compiling personalized database related to established systems of management. The elaborated design of this unified technology turned out quite compatible with other information systems operating in this field.

This system of information and analysis is to be helpful in basic accounting papers procedures and in compiling supplementary entries of information and analysis on current condition and future prospectsáof staff resource of a facility; it is also of use in organizing staff monitoring in a facility based on sociological and social psychological survey of manpower in this field. This system of information and analysis also can assist in developing staff resources of a facility when targeting improvements in staff skills and more efficient use of the staff.á

Keywords. Research clinical facility; features of human resources; staff potential of medical facility; complex evaluation of staff prospects; monitoring of staff; social and psychological assessment of the staff; staff management.



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