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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow 2 2013 (30) arrow Organizing information space of a health care facility
Organizing information space of a health care facility Print
Thursday, 18 April 2013

Summary. Rational use of information technologies in health care is a crucial task for health care professionals and is specified in the fundamental regulations. Health care facilities are subject to a vast number of requirements related to professional activity and finances imposed by society and patients. A realistic solution of the majority of problems is impossible without health informatics. Today introduction of information technologies into health care facilities faces many challenges including lack of unified software, insufficient funds, outstanding problems related to classification and terminology of information systems. All this calls for a development of an information support system for patients and health care professionals. In practical health care it is a daily need necessitated by the growing volumes of information and demand for active involvement of patients into the treatment process. Organization of an information space within a health care facility is a complex and time-consuming process, aimed at solving professional, organizational and social problems.

The article covers issues related to practical use of information technologies in health care facilities to transform the existing information space into enabling environment for cooperation between care providers and patients. The article outlines the information support system including its major information resources, technologies and ways of obtaining information. Different in terms of importance, relevance and cost, they altogether organize the informational space of a health care facility. Medical information system serves as a comprehensive information resource providing for a full range of functional capabilities aimed to support scientific and practical as well as medical and diagnostic processes.

The article also covers some interesting aspects of developing a new resource - information center of health care facilities to expand access to specialized quality care through the improved information support.

Keywords. Information resources in health care; information technologies in health care; health informatics, informational support of health care facility; medical information system.


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