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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣4 2013 (32) arrow Need for improving medical workforce management at a dental health care facility
Need for improving medical workforce management at a dental health care facility Print
Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A.S. Aleinikov
"Biotonic Dental Center" Ltd., Moscow

Summary. Background. In the context of the current social and economic conditions with tolerant funding and underdeveloped mechanisms for effective management of treatment and diagnostic processes the healthcare fails to meet daily public demand for medical services. Current financial and managerial crisis in healthcare calls for development of an effective management model targeted at achieving the optimal balance and actual funding of this sector under unstable social and economic conditions. Experience gained in reforming of the Russian healthcare helps to analyze management defects both at the macro and micro economic levels as well as to identify most efficient approaches.

Objective of the study was to improve performance of the dental service in the context of healthcare reforming, accompanied by reorganization of health care facilities that provide both general and specialty care.

Results. Global experience in dental care delivery has been analyzed including different forms of ownership and economic management. Suggestions on best options of dental care management have been developed based on the social and economic development level of the region, current dental morbidity rates and its major trends, availability of resources to dental health care facilities, their financial soundness, environmental conditions and other social and hygienic factors affecting dental morbidity.

Conclusions. The developed model of workforce management at a modern dental health care facility in the current context of innovative activities is based on a workforce management service organization, use of workforce planning and development of promotion or career management system.

Scope of application. Implementation of this model in healthcare facilitates improvement of medical and social and economic performance of health care facilities.

Keywords: healthcare reforming; dentistry; system improvement; dental care organization; workforce management.


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