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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow 4 2013 (32) arrow Quality assessment of paid medical services provided by non-governmental health facilities as a factor for improving efficiently and effectiveness of care
Quality assessment of paid medical services provided by non-governmental health facilities as a factor for improving efficiently and effectiveness of care Print
Wednesday, 28 August 2013

M.I. Muslimov
"Clinic 1" Ltd., Moscow

Summary. Development of an optimal management model and rational use of recourses remain a topical issue for a pro-profit health care facility.

Objective of the study was to evaluate quality of paid medical services provided by a non-governmental health care facility.

Methods: the author reviews experience in quality improvement gained by the non-governmental health care facility Clinic #1Ltd. Measurement and evaluation of quality of care delivery within the suggested model were based on a system-focused integrated approach to quality in general and quality monitoring at a non-governmental health care facility.

Results: Quality management system of medical services is based on a full compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2000 Quality management systems. Requirements. Doctors, nurses, financial management and administration obligatory participate in quality audit. For this purpose basic principles and provisions have been developed to achieve proper quality in general, i.e. system-focused approach, result-oriented approach, use of monitoring and internal quality audit, management by exception. Methodology of strategic planning on quality improvement has been developed.

It makes sense to use relevant models of performance outcomes to evaluate performance of a non-governmental health care facility for a certain period of time (monthly, quarterly, annually) within the framework of the new economic mechanism and budget-insurance medicine.

Comprehensive activities aimed at quality assessment of care delivered by Clinic #1 Ltd. decreased the risk of medical errors and deterioration of patients health more than twofold. This experience can be disseminated to other non-governmental health care organizations.

Keywords: non-governmental health care facility; paid medical services; quality of medical care.



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