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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow 5 2013 (33) arrow Quality evaluation of medical care currently provided by health care facilities
Quality evaluation of medical care currently provided by health care facilities Print
Monday, 11 November 2013

N. Yu. Trifonova1, A.P. Gabrielyan2, K.I. Kasapov3
1I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow
2 City Clinical Hospital #64, Moscow
3 SM-Clinic, DERAIS Limited Liability Company, Moscow

Summary. Background. Quality of medical care is a complex of care characteristics aimed at meeting needs in effective prevention and treatment, improved quality of life and increased life expectancy. A more simple and clear definition of quality of medical care its when they do what is needed when needed and as needed. The aim of the program on quality management of medical care is to receive maximum possible performance outcomes in improving public health with due regard to current level of knowledge and cost optimization. The above stated necessitated the need to study the issue of quality care delivery, identify its criteria with due regard to modern state of the healthcare system.

The aim of the study was to develop and test criteria for quality evaluation of care delivery exemplified by implementation of financial methods of quality management at the multi-field hospital.

Objectives of the study included the following:

  1. Analyze current situation with quality improvement of medical care delivery
  2. Describe available criteria for quality evaluation of care delivery
  3. Develop and implement innovative financial techniques for material staff incentives in the multi-field hospital as one of the methods of quality management of care delivery.

The article presents quality analysis of care delivery with a focus on its financial component.

Results and scope of application.

The main idea of the suggested financial methods for staff incentives is to develop effective performance of community-focused multi-field hospital through direct and indirect stimulation of financial interests of medical care providers by prices, remuneration, profit and other economic instruments.

The suggested methods of financial management of the workforce can be successfully used at primary care facilities as well as in multi-field hospitals alone.

Keywords: of medical care; quality; effectiveness; financial methods; performance


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