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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow 1 2014 (35) arrow Using method of matrix analysis for assessing need for surgery in newly diagnozed patients with destruction of lung tissue in the regions of the fussian federation
Using method of matrix analysis for assessing need for surgery in newly diagnozed patients with destruction of lung tissue in the regions of the fussian federation Print
Monday, 17 March 2014

E.B. Tsybikova
Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow

Abstract. Background. The substantial reserve for increasing efficiency of treatment of patients with destruction of lung tissue is surgery. However, widespread of HIV in patients with destructive pulmonary TB in many Russian regions limits using surgery methods of treatment.

The objective of the study: using of matrix analysis to assess need for surgery to newly diagnozed patients with destruction of lung tissue in Russian regions.

Methods and data: data from reporting forms of federal state statistics #8, #33 and #61 and Order #50 on the Ministry of Health of Russia from 2011. Authors own matrix was used for analysis. For every 81 regions author calculated shares of patients: with destruction of lung tissue; multidrug-resistant TB; co-infection with tuberculosis and HIV; Tb in ages 25-34 years; and patient received surgical treatment.

Results. Author developed co-infection index for estimation of share of patients with HIV among young TB patients 18-44 years old. Matrix analysis results showed that in 37 regions with low level of HIV and high demand for surgery in all age groups, its availability was low or even lack.

In 23 regions with high HIV level, need for surgery was present only in older patients, although 8 regions didnt provide this type of medical care.

Conclusions. Matrix analysis results showed that the reason for reduction of demand for surgery in patients with destruction of lung tissue in 23 regions was widespread of HIV in young patients (18-44 years). Calculation of demand for surgery should be conducted annually for 2 groups of Russian regions with high and low prevalence co-infection with tuberculosis and HIV.

Keywords: lung TB; destruction of lung tissue; co-infection with tuberculosis and HIV; multidrug-resistant TB; matrix analysis; demand for surgery.


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