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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣3 2014 (37) arrow Risk and uncertainty of consumer behavior on the pharmaceutical market: ôcontent analysisö of package inserts
Risk and uncertainty of consumer behavior on the pharmaceutical market: ôcontent analysisö of package inserts Print
Tuesday, 15 July 2014

O.V. Tkachenko
Volgograd State Medical University

Summary. Use of pharmaceuticals is increasingly exercised under conditions of risk and uncertainty. Selecting a necessary medicine an individual is exposed to different influencing factors that are not necessarily oriented to meet consumersĺ interests. Buying a regular product consumer can protect himself by carefully studying the package. In case of pharmaceuticals risk minimization involves careful reading of the package insert.

In this regard the aim of the study is to explore the package insert potential being a means of consumer protection from health risk while self buying and administrating medications.

Methodology. To achieve the aim of the study in February 2013, the author conducted a social survey using content analysis method. Package inserts to medications and biologically active additives were analyzed by 2 parameters: level of visualization and level of information value.

Results analysis. The conducted survey allowed to make the following conclusions. First, the majority of package inserts are characterized by poor visualization: small and large format, small print, no visually distinct allocation of sections. Second, numerous special terms in customer oriented sections and vast descriptions for medical specialists make the inserts difficult for quick familiarization and understanding. And finally, the majority of package inserts contain information of uncertain nature. At the same time warning about self-treatment risks are rare to find.

Conclusions. Current package inserts fail to achieve their main purpose ľ provision of information to the customer and donĺt protect an average person from risk and uncertainty in case of self administration of medications. This brings into focus the need to modify the concept of inserts development: its content, design and structure.

Key words: medication package insert; consumer behavior; risk; uncertainty.



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