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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣5 2014 (39) arrow Role of modern workforce management in staffing policy in health care facility
Role of modern workforce management in staffing policy in health care facility Print
Wednesday, 26 November 2014

P.Yu. Balashov
Moscow Research Oncology Institute named after P.A. Gertsen, Moscow

Abstract. Background. National and international experience shows that activities aimed at personnel development ensure greater success of healthcare reconstruction and reforming. Step-by-step approach towards addressing problems related to personnel development provides for a more efficient use of healthcare resources serving the basis for quality improvement of medical care.

The abovementioned substantiates relevance of the study and shows practical value of objectives related to improvement of workforce management.

The aim of the study is to develop theoretical and methodological principles for creating model and technologies in workforce management within the healthcare system in the context of its reforming.

Study objectives.

The aim of the study predetermined the necessity of scientific elaboration and solving of the following practical tasks:

  • To review theories of workforce management in social sphere;
  • To analyze current state of workforce management in the context of healthcare reforming;
  • To conduct sociological analysis of personnel development and relations within the Russian healthcare in the context of its reforming;
  • To analyze social mechanisms to regulate workforce processes within the healthcare system of the Russian Federation.

Study results and practical implications. Value of the study is further development of models and methods of workforce management in the context of healthcare reforming.

The main theoretical and methodological principles, practical conclusions and recommendations can be used to develop staffing policy in healthcare and its implementation, to make managerial decisions related to regulation of workforce processes and relations; to train personnel of staff departments.

Keywords: personnel; workforce management; health care facility; healthcare.


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