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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣6 2014 (40) arrow Monitoring and evaluating performance of drug rehabilitation service in the context of its modernization: problems and solutions
Monitoring and evaluating performance of drug rehabilitation service in the context of its modernization: problems and solutions Print
Wednesday, 25 February 2015

¹Koshkina E.A., ¹Kirzhanova V.V., ²Guseva O.I.
¹ Federal Medical Research Center for Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow;
² Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow

Contacts: Valentina V. Kirzhanova, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Abstract: Significance. Modernization of the Russian drug rehabilitation service involves investing in its legal, financial and organizational spheres. Significance of the study is related to the need to monitor effectiveness of investments into drug rehabilitation service as part of its modernization.

The purpose of the study was to analyze performance of the drug rehabilitation service in 2010-2013, using modernization indicators and other statistics; to analyze effectiveness of the regional services that are currently at different stages of modernization; to identify main problems related to performance evaluation of the drug rehabilitation service.

Methods: Analysis of remission and recovery (persistent improvement) indicators, as well as indicators of involvement into rehabilitation process and effectiveness of rehabilitation in 2010-2013 at the national level with the use of growth rates.

Analysis of relationship between remission and recovery indicators for 2013 was performed using the Spearman test. The authors also identified two groups of regions at different stages of modernization and conducted a comparative analysis of the servicesĺ effectiveness in two independent samples of regions using the Mann-Whitney test.

Results: Analysis of the drug rehabilitation service performance showed mixed trends related to remission, recovery, as well as involvement into rehabilitation and efficiency of the process, among patients with both drug and alcohol addiction. This demonstrates the need for objectification of these indicators, development of unified regulatory acts and standards to establish remission and recovery, as well as criteria for successful completion of rehabilitation programs, based on patientsĺ physical examination.

Results of the comparative analysis of the two independent groups of regions indicate no statistically significant differences across all monitoring indicators as part of the service modernization programs.

Conclusions: The article provided recommendations for improving monitoring indicators. To achieve significant modernization effect, it is necessary to continue long-term investments, primarily into legal, research-related, organizational, and educational spheres.

Keywords: modernization; monitoring; effectiveness; quality; targets; indicators.



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