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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Siburina T.A.1, Miroshnikova Yu.V.2
Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics, Moscow
2Federal Bio-Medical Agency, Moscow

Abstract. Specialists in public health and healthcare organization constitute the core potential of the healthcare managerial personnel. Performance of the healthcare system as well as its susceptibility to technological improvement and workforce development is mainly dependable upon composition and skill level of such specialists.

The purpose of the study was to assess validity of changes made to the title of this medical specialty and scientific and educational subjects - "social hygiene and public health organization", and to analyze composition and develop a current statistical "portrait" of specialists in this field.

Methods and data. The article used historical data, legal documents and statistical analysis of composition of the public health and health care organization specialists. Although the specialty exists for more than one century and a half, it has, like no other, undergone through multiple changes in its title associated with its social orientation and political engagement.

Social hygiene and health care organization, being the basis for prevention in the Soviet Union, was given an indifferent name of "Public Health and Health Care Organization", while social hygiene as a science studying environmental impact on health, was merged with the state sanitary and epidemiological service. This consolidation significantly narrowed its field of research.

However, 6254 specialists are engaged in social hygiene and organization of sanitary and epidemiological service, 83.3% of them are placed at education institutions, research institutes, and government authorities.

The majority of health care managers works at health care facilities and only one in ten of them works at the government authorities, education institutions and research institutes. The number of health care managers and specialists of the sanitary and epidemiological service varies considerably across federal districts, by concentration in various fields, and by recognized parameters characterizing the level of qualification.

Keywords: nomenclature of specialists, social hygiene specialists, managers of sanitary and epidemiological service, public health and health care organization


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