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Thursday, 09 July 2015

Petrosov S.N.
"SM-Clinic", "DERAYS" Limited Liability Company, Moscow

Contacts: Sergey Petrosov, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Abstract. Background. Addressing a wide range of problems related to improvement of healthcare management is one of the main focus areas of the healthcare reforming.

Organizing the work of medical facilities is of special importance at the current stage of healthcare development in Russia.

Managerial problems are embodied in all concepts and programs aimed at healthcare reforming in the country.

The purpose of the study was to develop criteria for selecting administrative personnel based on the notion of healthcare management.

Methods. The author used a set of medical and social methods, including: statistical, sociological, psychological, analytical, historical as well as organizational and functional simulation and direct observation.

Study results. Heads of medical facilities in Moscow and Moscow region strive to achieve objectives of healthcare management both at the regional level and individual facility level (i.e. decrease in lethality; reduced average length of stay; increased bed turnover etc.).

At the strategic level administrators of medical facilities in Moscow and Moscow region fulfill the following functions: goal setting, forecasting and planning.

Conclusions. The study found out that a significantly lower number of administrators of medical facilities in Moscow region are guided by such organizational principles like ôDifferentiation of laborö, ôCentralization and unity of directionö and ôHierarchy and disciplineö compared to administrators in Moscow.

The study also shows that administrators of medical facilities in both Moscow and Moscow region simultaneously apply all three groups of management methods; however, the majority of them focus on social and psychological methods followed by financial and mathematic methods and then by command and control methods.

Scope of application. The study results can be used by the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region and Moscow Healthcare Department to develop strategies aimed at improving the training system for administrative personnel as well as to develop educational programs in ôPublic Health and Healthcareö.

Keywords: management, healthcare organization, administrative personnel.


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