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Tuesday, 01 November 2016

DOI: 10.21045/2071-5021-2016-51-5-7

1Modestov A. A., 1Terletskaya R. N., 2Nevolin Yu. S., 1V. I. Bondar
1Scientific Center of Children`s Health of the Russian Ministry of Health, Moscow
2Krasnoturyinsk City Hospital, Sverdlovsk region

Contacts: Prof. Arseny A. Modestov, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Abstract. Background. Preventive medicine based on innovative technologies is expected to become basis of the modern system of pediatric care. Health centers are one of such technologies.

Purpose – to assess health status of schoolchildren according to data provided by the mobile interregional health center.

Materials and methods. "Information on health center performance" Form #68 for the period 2011-2014 – a total of 32316 children, and "Pediatric Record on Healthy lifestyle" Form # 002 – TSZ/u-2 for 2014 – a total of 7321 schoolchildren aged 7-17 years, have been analyzed.

Results. Among general pediatric population attending health centers, schoolchildren aged 7 to 17 years accounted for over 95%. Assessment of their health status identified reduction in the number of healthy children along with age, increased incidence of risk factors, functional disorders and children with registered chronic diseases. “Imbalanced diet” turned out to be the most prevailing risk factor across all age group. Along with age incidence of smoking, physical inactivity, high blood pressure, and imbalanced diet increases. Moving to adulthood increases frequency of smoking, physical inactivity, increased blood pressure and imbalanced diet. Along with age the number of cases of functional disorders increases as well: abnormal blood pressure without diagnosis ever made, symptoms and signs related to diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue, digestive system and the abdominal cavity, musculoskeletal system and functional disorders of the heart.

Conclusions. Preventive medical examination in health centers helps to identify risk factors and functional disorders and tailor preventive activities including development of health schools of the relevant profile.

Scope of application. Health care organization, school medicine, pediatrics, specialists of health centers.

Keywords: prevention; health; preventive medical examination; pediatric health centers; school children; pediatric population.


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