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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣1 2011 (17) arrow Some aspects of human health provision of federal state public health facilities
Some aspects of human health provision of federal state public health facilities Print
Tuesday, 01 March 2011

Son I.M.1, Perkhov V.I.1, Kasaeva T.Ch.2, Belostotsky A.V.3

1 ľ Federal Public Health Institute, Moscow
2 ľ Ministry of health and social development, Moscow
2 - City clinical hospital ╣ 55, Moscow

Federal state healthcare facilities are the important part of the system of hospital facilities in the Russian Federation. In these clinics, medical care is provided with implementing medical technologies, which are not widely used yet because of their high cost. This motivates increased requirements to health resources efficiency , including human health personnel. In the article, consideration is given to the results of the assessment in indicators and features of human health provision in federal state healthcare facilities, which are under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia, Russian Academy of Medical Science, and Federal Medical and Biological Agency. The comparative analysis of such indicators is given as a ratio between the number of doctorsĺ and nursesĺ positions, the number of patients treated during one year per 1 doctorĺs position in hospital facilities of various levels and some others. It is shown that low occupancy of the bed fund in the federal hospitals causes rather low operational load of doctors in hospitals. The efficiency assessment of human health resources has shown that the level of payment to medical personnel is essentially different even in clinics of the same structure. As a whole, the data present in the article testify that heads of many federal clinics have no stimulus to rational planning the list of healthcare providers and effective usage of available human resources. It is concluded that improving human health policy in healthcare facilities under federal jurisdiction should be based on interrelation between budgetary financing and various optimal usage of human health resources.á

Key words: federal state healthcare facility; hi-tech medical care; human health resources.


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