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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow №2 2011 (18) arrow Medical social characteristics of patients successfully treated with antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis c (according to the results of a sociologic survey)
Medical social characteristics of patients successfully treated with antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis c (according to the results of a sociologic survey) Print
Thursday, 02 June 2011

Serenko K.A.
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow

The resume. Results of medical sociology study of patients with chronic hepatitis C successfully treated with antiviral therapy in the Memorial E.M. Tareev Clinic (of the Memorial I.M. Sechenov 1st Moscow State Medical University) of nephrology, internal and professional diseases are presented in this Paper. The original questionnaire included 50 questions. The questioning of 100 patients was performed, and the medical social profile, compliance to treatment, the contents of provided medical care, life-style, inclinations to unhealthy habits, and attitude to one’s own health were determined. The survey revealed that the main drawback in the management of chronic patients with hepatitis C was the long time passing from the moment of infection till the diagnosis (8.8 years) and from the moment of infection till the start of treatment (12.2 years). The delay in initiating treatment was mostly motivated, from the part of a patient, by money awkwardness and unawareness of therapies available from the attending medical doctor. The medical manipulations as iatrogenic cause of infection was found in 60.7% of the patients. The analysis of situation with inclination to unhealthy habits revealed the growing discontinuation of alcohol consumption and smoking as a result of the life-style correction inasmuch as the chronic hepatitis C infection had been identified in them. The satisfaction of the received medical care and good compliance were readily expressed.

Key words: chronic hepatitis C, public health, medical social characteristics, social profile, medical care compliance.


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1. 22-09-2011 23:52
1. "методом Пирсона, коэффициент корреляции составил 0,046 (связь слабая)." Некорректно выбран метод корреляции (без определения типа распределения данных). Некорректно представлены резуътаты корреляционного анализа. Необходимо указывать значение коэффициента корреляции и значение ошибки "p". Ваши корреляционные расчеты - это наукообразие.  
2. комплаентность резко увеличивает заместительная терапия метадоном или бупренорфином у этих больных, потому что многие из них - действующие потребители наркотиков. 
3. Почему 90 больных? Откуда выборка?  
Sergey Soshnikov
Written by Sergey Soshnikov ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) (Guest)

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