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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣3 2011 (19) arrow Ways of improving the operation of federal centers of medical high technologies
Ways of improving the operation of federal centers of medical high technologies Print
Thursday, 29 September 2011

Summary. It is strongly needed that Federal centers of medical high technologies in the Russian Federation should undergo certain improvements. This study depicted how high-tech medical services are provided to the population in the Russian Federation nowadays, and also elucidated some difficulties of this systemĺs operation, It specially outlined peculiar functioning of the Federal Center of high-tech medical care (HTMC)

National Priority Project ôHealthö envisaged certain endpoints of state policies for safeguarding health of citizens of the Russian Federation. Among them was expanded availability of expensive high-tech medical care paralleled by elevated scale and volume of its providing to the population. These developments are to be supported by federal funding for the improvement of the course of its providing, by transfer of federal medical establishments to operation activities along the state tasks, by constructing of new Federal Centers of HTMC.

Following the Decree No. 139 of the RF Government, active construction of such new centers in several Regions and Districts has been launched, and it embraced cardio-vascular surgery, casualty surgery and orthopedics, endo-prostheses arrangement and neurosurgery. Currently, high-tech centers for cardio-vascular surgery operate in Penza, Astrakhan, Khabarovsk, Chelyabinsk, for casualty surgery and orthopedics ľ in Cheboxary, for neurosurgery- in Tyumeny.

Comprehensive social hygienic analysis scientifically substantiated propositions for improving operation and developing foundations of these novel federal centers of high medical technologies.

Key words. Medical high-tech healthcare, federal centers,medical high technologies.


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