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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣6 2011 (22) arrow Methodology approaches to the compiling of state (municipal) task for delivering inpatient healthcare for neoplasm in breast gland
Methodology approaches to the compiling of state (municipal) task for delivering inpatient healthcare for neoplasm in breast gland Print
Wednesday, 01 February 2012

S.A. Martynchik, S.M. Khomyakov
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow

Summary. Requirements at the level of oncological outpatient clinic to the amount, contents, quality, conditions, course and results of fulfillment of the state (municipal) task for delivering inpatient healthcare for neoplasm in breast gland were to be properly formulated and this was the theme of this research work.

A state (municipal) medical assistance was identified as the operational objective of the state (municipal) task. Such service was considered as a special activity for delivering inpatient healthcare for neoplasm in breast gland in the context of round-the-clock or day inpatient facility (integrated into the structure of outpatient oncology clinic) funded through the state budget.

Parameters of the state (municipal) task included: amount of a medical assistance, grade of quality, maximum permissible costs and tariffs, features of consumers, various sources of funding, units for assessment of the provided medical assistance, obligations for expenditure.

Calculation of standard cost of a medical assistance, as well as identification of the structure of a medical assistance were scientifically founded for inclusion into the system of planning and realization of budgeting of the state (municipal) task.

Expediency of implementing established clinical economic groups of patients was proved, and they were claimed to stick to the various standards of specialized (or even high-tech) medical assistance for the breast gland cancer as an advanced analogue of these standards. They were to be used as a tool for calculating standard normal expenditure for a completed treated case in an oncology outpatient clinic with inpatient departments.

Well-grounded approaches to the organization of budgeting procedures included: determination of the objectives of this budgeting, composing a draft budget, assessment of real population-based requirements under this state (municipal) task, providing of a state (municipal) medical assistance, account of completed task.

It was established that development of the pathways for monitoring of the course of fulfillment of a state (municipal) task for inpatient medical care in the breast gland cancer could be ensured by balancing between the indicators of intermediate and final results of the activity of an outpatient oncology clinic with inpatient departments.

Key words. State (municipal) medical service, State (municipal) task, Specialized oncology care, Clinical economic groups of patients with breast gland cancer, Completed treated case, Organization of budgeting process, Structure and calculation of standard cost of a medical service, Monitoring of fulfillment of a state (municipal) task.


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