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Mortality from the external reasons in rural population of the Udmurtian Republic Print
Wednesday, 08 February 2012

A.V. Popov
The Jukamenskaya central district hospital, the Udmurtian Republic

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Summary. A study of completed suicides in the Republic of Udmurtia on the whole and specifically in Yukamenskaya district for the last 23 years from 1987 till 2009 - was conducted. All suicide cases were classified along gender, age, nationality, professional occupation, state of health, drunkenness at the suicidal moment, anamnesis of previous attempts, time point parameters ( diurnal/nocturnal period, day of week, month, season).

Materials of this trial included medical certificates of death, protocols of forensic examination of the corpse of this type of violent death, logbooks of registration of completed suicides of the outpatient clinic of Yukamesnkaya district central hospital.

First place in the structure of the pool of violent deaths in the Udmurtian Republic of took the death from mechanical asphyxia, and the second place took the death from mechanic trauma, the third was the death from poisoning.

21.7% of suicidents were 40-49 years of age (leading age group), 20.0% of 30-39, 16.6% of 60-69. People with ability to work amounted to 71.5% of cases.

Study into occupational status of suicidents revealed that 33.8% of cases were unskilled laborers, 32.2% of cases were age retired pensioners, 15.5% cases were unemployed people, 17.9% of cases were qualified workers or clerks.

As concerns the marital status of the lost people, it was established that 52.2% had been family people, 47.8% had been not, and either did not marry or had been divorced, or had been a widow/widower, or else the factual marriage had not been ever registered. Nevertheless, 61.7% of suicidents had children.

78.3% suicidents were drunk at the moment of a suicide, but 21.7% of suicidents did not present any ethanol in a blood test. 95% of males and 5% of females were drunk.

The whole situation in Yukamenskaya district of the Udmurtian Republic was highly unfavorable as concerns suicidal trends. An office for social psychological assistance was arranged and attached to the county central hospital of Yukamenskaya district with the goal of qualified advice and help to the population in whom some people are in critical stage (psychological crisis) or there are some people with suicidal behavior.

Keywords. Mortality, violent mortality, suicide, fertility, natural increase (decrease) of population, asphyxia, health status.


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