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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣6 2011 (22) arrow Socio-economical potential of the market of regenerative medicine in Voronezh
Socio-economical potential of the market of regenerative medicine in Voronezh Print
Wednesday, 08 February 2012

N.M. Kovalenko1, O.V. Dolgova2
1Voronezh gos.med.akademiya im.N.N.Burdenko
2Voronezh State University

Summary. Medical, social, and moral issues in health safety, health, healthy people determine the effectiveness of preventive medicine and regenerative medicine. High levels of morbidity due not only to socio-economic conditions, but also the achievements of diagnostic technologies at different levels of care. It should be noted that the issues of diagnosis and treatment of disease predominate over prevention, particularly non-communicable diseases, the active preservation and restoration of health. Correction of violations in health status is often based on medicines, while methods without drug therapy, and in particular rehabilitation treatment used is not enough. Analysis of private health care market in Voronezh revealed that the primary niche of paid medical services to take the clinic (centers) providing diagnostic tests or dental care. Virtually no rehabilitation medical centers offering complex medical-correcting technology. The spectrum of recovery in outpatient clinics and some private medical clinics (center) is limited to physical therapy techniques and effects are virtually no treatments based on the use of natural factors: water, mud, etc. A representative survey of the adult population of urban district reflects the need for therapeutic services in health care settings. Most respondents prefer to receive therapeutic services on a contractual basis, due to several factors: increased service and the latest techniques, unique offers, etc. It should be noted that the older, smaller than the average age would receive this type of service without interruption of the main functional activities (work, studies, home, close help). On the territory of the Voronezh region, there have been many sources of mineral waters and brines, unique peat-forming, sources sapropelic muds, huge stocks of various clays. The development of regenerative medicine involving their own mineral resource base will enhance employment, human resources, financial capacity and the emergence of new areas of health and cognitive character. Attracting investments into the development of commercial regenerative medicine is not only the financial and social, but above all, preventive orientation.

Keywords. Commercial medicine, regenerative therapy, natural factors, the potential investment.


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