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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣2 2013 (30) arrow Medical and economic assessment and rationale for improving organization of inpatient care for cerebral stroke
Medical and economic assessment and rationale for improving organization of inpatient care for cerebral stroke Print
Thursday, 18 April 2013

Summary. This paper presents a literature review of foreign and domestic sources on measurement of economic burden of brain vascular disorders that covers a wide range of issues, including medical and economic assessment and rationale for technologies and inpatient care delivery programs. Based on the literature data clinical and epidemiological situation associated with brain vascular disorders has been analyzed based on care applicability, mortality rates, hospital mortality, and primary disability of adult population. Cost of inpatient care for cerebral stroke has been estimated to show extremely high financial burden on health system, including inpatient care, medical and social rehabilitation and secondary prevention. Data on annual expenditures and structure of average cost per completed case of cerebral stroke, transient ischemic attack, and post-stroke vascular dementia that determine severity and length of hospital stay have been presented. The article rationalizes alignment of cost of treatment and care for patients at discharge with hospital mortality indicators as well as with assessment of neurological deficits and daily life activities with score scales for differentiated costing of health care. The document also demonstrates potential of evaluating care accessibility and quality within programs aimed at improving cerebral stroke register. Indicators of care efficiency have been defined: the level and length of hospital stay of patients with cerebral stroke at specialized neurological departments, access to neuroimaging and other modern high-tech diagnostic and treatment methods. The article has also analyzed program activities aimed at improving organization of inpatient care delivery to patients with stroke to meet target indicators of care quality and efficiency.

Keywords. Stroke; transient ischemic attack; vascular dementia; hospital mortality; hospital registers; inpatient care; quality; organizational accessibility.


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