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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣3 2013 (31) arrow Health of the people of the north in a context of sociological researches
Health of the people of the north in a context of sociological researches Print
Tuesday, 09 July 2013

Summary. The problem of social and economic development of the radical people of the small people of the North, was and remains actual now for Russia by which about 70 which % of territory it is located in the North zone. The theme of health of the radical small people of the North was and remains actual in modern conditions. Research works are devoted the given problem many.

Research objective: to consider and analyze a question on health of the people of the North (in particular, the radical small people of the North).

Research methods: in work materials of references were used and analyzed, the results, the spent sociological researches on considered subjects were generalised and analyzed.

Results: by results of our researches, the majority of respondents in the investigated areas, as the major factors influencing health of the people of the North, problems of low level of health services (have noted 54 and 57 % accordingly on the population of area and personal health), bad quality of water (46 and 48 %) and shortage of money for medicines (42 and 48 % accordingly on area and personal health) and poor quality of a foodstuff (35 and 42 %, accordingly on area and personal health).

Conclusions: it is necessary to notice, that, as a whole, the opinion of respondents on a case in point is ambiguous. It is important to notice, that indicators of health of the population are influenced also by such factors as: availability of medical institutions, equipment the modern diagnostic equipment, qualification of doctors in small settlements, etc. Also considerable influence on a state of health renders a way of life. Half of all cases of diseases depends on it almost.

Keywords: the North people, the radical small people of the North, factors, respondents, health, environment, environmental contaminations.


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