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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣5 2013 (33) arrow Information and analytical center within the management performance system of a higher education institution
Information and analytical center within the management performance system of a higher education institution Print
Monday, 11 November 2013

A.I. Vyalkov, S.A. Martynchik, E.A. Glukhova
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow

Summary. The article discusses the role of Information and analytical center in developing and improving electronic information resources of a higher education institution. The article shows that the Center serves as an umbrella for individual structural units of the organization, whose activities are aimed at, on the one hand, information support for evaluation of performance and scientific potential of the organization and, on the other hand - functional interaction with the Scientific electronic Library of the Russian Index of Scientific Citation and electronic library of the university. The authors outline major benefits of the Russian Index of Scientific Citation system in terms of adequate assessment of the publication activity of employees and research groups of the organization with a broad set of indicators.

The article supports the idea that exchange of information resources between the scientific electronic library of the Russian Index of Scientific Citation and scientific electronic system of the university will ensure expanded usersĺ functionality for information exchange along with complete reporting, monitoring and evaluation of scientific activity in the citation index. The authors views the Information and analytical center as a focal point for developing innovative scientific and educational environment of the university, that is capable of training research skills as well as implementing research activities.

The article shows that activity of the Information and analytical center is exploratory in nature; new knowledge is developed or knowledge is transformed to meet specific tasks to increase publication activity and rating of the organization.

The article demonstrates that the Centre ensures an opportunity to develop modern technologies of scientific communication; use of information technologies allows for on-line training, searches for information and its processing. To ensure effective performance of the Centre trainings and workshops in the use of electronic resources, information and consultative support, effective search for information, methods for scientometric analysis, tools and systems for evaluation and decision-making are of great importance.

Keywords: electronic information resources; measurement tools; performance evaluation; information and analytical center; medical institutional science.


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