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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow 6 2013 (34) arrow International experience in selecting quality measures to rank healthcare organizations: lessons for Russia
International experience in selecting quality measures to rank healthcare organizations: lessons for Russia Print
Thursday, 26 December 2013

E.A. Tarasenko
National Research University. Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Abstract.The main purpose of public health is quality improvement of medical care. Ranking of healthcare organizations is rather effective information and marketing tool for external quality management of medical care. The author reviewed international experience in selecting quality measures of medical care to rank healthcare organizations that could be used as a methodological framework for designing rankings of healthcare organizations in Russia.

The aim of the study was to identify methodological basis of international rankings of health care facilities: major indicators and criteria for evaluating quality of medical care.

Methodology. The author analyzed methods for developing rankings of international healthcare organizations through the analysis of international scientific sources and information made public by state organizations working in the area of health management as well as through four expert interviews with experts in health management. The author attempts to structure indicators and criteria for quality evaluation of medical care based on Donabedians triad as well as identify definitions, content and balance between clinical and non-clinical indicators.

Results and Conclusions: In general, international ranking of healthcare organizations, developed in partnership with governmental bodies, or on the basis of statistics collected by governmental bodies, are deeply and thoroughly detailed and include over 20 quality measures (with the detailed definition of each indicator) . The subject of such ranking can be both clinical and non-clinical quality indicators of health care facilities that could be tentatively structured according to the three interrelated factors of quality of medical care according to Donabedians triad (structure, process and outcome), including public opinion about reputation of a health care facility.

The main recommendation for the Russian public health regarding healthcare organizations ranking that is based on international experience is to ensure detailed clinical statistical performance indicators of healthcare organizations according to the tree components of Bonabedians quality triad along with expert and patients appraisal of health care facilitys reputation regarding quality of medical care.

Keywords. Ranking of healthcare organizations; quality of medical care; clinical and nonclinical quality indicators; Donabedians triad; information and marketing tool for quality management of medical care.


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