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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣6 2013 (34) arrow Healthcare in the context of market economy. Demand, supply and market structures in healthcare
Healthcare in the context of market economy. Demand, supply and market structures in healthcare Print
Thursday, 26 December 2013

A.R. Gabrielyan
City Clinical Hospital #64, Moscow

Abstract. Background. During the recent years healthcare reforms in our country have been widely covered. Need for reforming is stipulated by unfavorable trends in population health, financial limitations and inefficient use of available resources in healthcare.

Market relations reflect a certain economic isolation of providers and consumers of products and services as well as compensatory nature of their interaction. Coverage of one or another sphere of the societyĺs activity with market relations is not constant.

At the same time, in the context of new reforms, the number of publications devoted to ways and methods to develop management technologies in healthcare at the micro-organizational level is insufficient. Many publications on that topic are fragmentary and focus on certain theoretical aspects not covering the entire sphere of health care facilitiesĺ management within the healthcare system. In this respect the health care facilities faces the challenge of managing changes based on the validated forecasting procedure, regulation and adjustment to targets of the health care facility and new market forms of work.

The aim if the study was to analyze current demand and supply as well as approaches to management of a health care facility in the context of market economy.

Objectives of the study:

  1. To identify problems in healthcare at the present stage.
  2. To define definitions of perfectly competitive market and market of healthcare services.
  3. To determine interrelations between market of healthcare services and market of resources.

Results and scope of application. The suggested approaches developed on the basis of analysis of current situation with supply and demand in the context of market economy will contribute to improved performance of health care facilities. Furthermore, optimization of treatment, diagnostic, preventive and managerial activities of health care facilities will allow for more efficient use of facilitiesĺ potential all stages of care delivery.

Keywords. Market; healthcare; demand; exchange; medical services; consumer; provider; competition; leasing.


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