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Modification of underlying cause of death from diseases of the circulatory system Print
Monday, 01 September 2014

T.P. Sabgayda1, V.G. Semyonova1, A.E. Ivanova1, Ye.M. Sekrieru1, S.Yu. Nikitina2
1Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Moscow
2Federal State Statistics Service, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. Meeting the global objective of reducing mortality from diseases of the circulatory system presupposes that mortality statistics is reliable. This determines the relevance of this work which aims at improving quality of coding of death causes.

The aim of the study: To analyze compliance with rules of modifications of underlying death cause from diseases of the circulatory system.

Methods. We analyzed compliance with the rules of modification of the underlying cause of death form diseases of the circulatory system in the death register for 2011. Only data from the impersonalized death register which describes the lethal process using the three death codes was accepted.

Results. The study showed that in cases when one of the fields of the section 19 malignant tumors, diabetes or asthma (which suggests a check for potential modification of the underline death cause), the share of incorrect death codes equals to 56.4% and the share of potentially incorrect death codes adds up to 24.3%. In case of death diagnoses to be checked for causal relationships with other diseases, the share of incorrect death codes equals to 7.9%. In total, 2.0% death cases from diseases of the circulatory system should be coded as others classes of causes.

Conclusions. Non-compliance with rules of modification of death causes leads to overdiagnosis of mortality from diseases of the circulatory system. Doctors have poor skills coding death causes. It is proposed to resume the previous practice, when medical statistic specialists coded death causes based on medical records taking into account all rules of coding.

Keywords. Quality of coding causes of death; ICD-X; mortality statistic; quality control of coding causes of death; underlying cause of death; coding; death certificates; selection of underlying cause of death; accuracy of death cause diagnosis



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