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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Podolskaya E.A.
Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Kursk Regional Clinical Cancer Center, Kursk

Contacts: Elena Podolskaya, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Abstract. The purpose of the article was to identify specific features of the ultrasonic diagnostic services in Kursk and districts of the Kursk region in examining rectum cancer patient at primary check-up, specialized treatment, follow-up, as well as to analyze application for care to commercial facilities by this group of patients.

Methods. The study covers 204 rectum cancer patients, registered at the Kursk Regional Clinical Cancer Center in 2010 ľ 2013. Ultrasound examination reports of those patients at different facilities of the Kursk region at all stages of diagnostics, treatment and follow-up were analyzed. Statistical processing of the received data is performed with SPSS źSTATISTICS 20.0╗ program. Cross-tables were created to identify dependence between variables. Pearson Chi-square test was used; its asymptotic bilateral significance was evaluated.

Results. The study identified insufficient activities of the primary care facilities of the Kursk region aimed at examination of rectum cancer patients and irrational resource utilization at inpatient facilities.

Prior to treatment, ultrasound diagnostics in 74 % (151) of rectum cancer patients was performed at the Cancer Center. The share of patients with incomplete examination is reliably higher among districts of the Kursk region (31.6 % - 43 cases) (p <0.001). Difference between results of the ultrasound examination and clinical diagnosis was more often observed in patients with metastases to lymph nodes (when N> 0). Transrectal ultrasound was performed at the Cancer Center only, legs vessels were examined at the Kursk Regional Clinical Hospital and the Cancer Center (at admission).

13.3% (27) of patients from the group under study had their ultrasound performed at commercial facilities. Hollow organ symptom was diagnosed in 10.3 % (21) cases. Statistical calculations showed that this symptom (­ <0.05) was more often diagnosed by ultrasound test at the regional specialized health facilities.

The author offered ways to bridge the identified gaps through implementation of new thematic trainings of specialists as well as developed areas for further investigations.

Keywords: rectum cancer; ultrasonic diagnostics; cancer care; hollow organ symptom; transrectal ultrasound



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