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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

V.I. Seryogin1, G.╠.Sakharova 2, N.S.Antonov 3,╬.V. Medvedeva 4,V.V. Donitova2
1. Ryazan Regional Centre for Disease Prevention, Ryazan
2. Pulmonology Research Institute of the Federal Bio-Medical Agency, Russia, Moscow
3. Institute of Advanced Training of the Federal Bio-Medical Agency, Russia
4. I.P. Pavlov Ryazan State Medical University, Russia

Contacts: Vladimir Seryogin, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Abstract. Delivery of medical services to support tobacco smoking cessation among doctors and nurses at state health care facilities is characterized by certain peculiar features, the major one including skeptical attitude and disbelief in skills and capabilities of colleagues to provide effective assistance. At the same time health care professionals clearly realize that such behavior cannot be considered as a model to follow by their patients. It is common knowledge that physicians can best persuade patients to quit if they do not smoke themselves. However, health care professionals do not always set a good example for patients concerning their smoking habits.

The purpose of this study is to provide scientific rationale for developing a regional program on tobacco control among health care professionals.

Within the framework of the study an anonymous survey of physicians and nurses was conducted in 20 state health care facilities in the city of Ryazan and the Ryazan region. Smoking prevalence among health care professionals, their knowledge about smoking hazards and medical services to support tobacco cessation have been studied.

The study revealed the following major problems and peculiar features: smoking prevalence among physicians and nurses remains high, knowledge among health professionals about smoking hazards and services to support tobacco cessation are not sufficient. The study also identified a need for a regional program to develop a sustainable infrastructure to encourage efforts to quit smoking and ensure a wide access to services aimed at supporting tobacco users to quit and serve as a sustainable source for tobacco control services in line with the Article 14 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Keywords. Tobacco smoking; smoking prevalence; health care professionals; questionnaire survey.


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