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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Kasapov K.I.
"SM-Clinic", "DERAYS" Limited Liability Company, Moscow

Contacts: Konstantin I. Kasapov, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Abstract. Significance. High quality of medical care is one of the principal conditions for effective hospital performance in view of the market economy development. Introduction of the compulsory health insurance resulted in the development of a well-defined system of inter and extra-departmental quality control of medical care.

However, patients’ satisfaction with inpatient care plays an important role in characterizing quality of medical care, and creating a positive image of a health care facility which is of special value in the marketing activity.

The study purpose: to evaluate patients’ satisfaction with inpatient care as one of components of its evaluation.

Results. Respondents directly related deontological aspects of staff behavior at the admission department to performance of duties.

Only 1.5 % of respondents out of those who mentioned speed and accuracy of paperwork and physical examination noted not fully polite and friendly staff behavior at the admission department. As many as 15.8% of respondents out of those who mentioned certain defects in the admission process specified not fully polite and friendly staff behavior at the admission department. The share of those regarding staff behavior not fully polite and friendly at admission out of those not satisfied with the admission process was naturally higher reaching 33.3%. According to the modern requirements determined by the development of market relations in medicine and the latest health legislation, each patient has the right to receive information about their health status and treatment progress.

The overwhelming majority of respondents mentioned the fact that their attending doctors answer all questions about health status and treatment progress. Only 0.6% of respondents answered in the negative to this question and some 6.3% of respondents noted that doctors not always answer all questions about health status and treatment progress.

Conclusions. The overwhelming majority of respondents (80%-90%) express their complete satisfaction with inpatient care and treatment in general and satisfaction with specific elements that characterize organization of inpatient care delivery from different perspectives.

Currently, the most challenging and pressing issue of hospital stay organization is improving quality of food to the level that would meet demands of the majority. The majority of patients (92.7%) express their willingness to make use of additional paid services.

Keywords: medical care; hospital; patients’ opinion; satisfaction; quality.


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