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Integrated technology solution equipment and automation pathology laboratories Print
Thursday, 19 January 2012

V.I. Starodubov1, P.G. Malkov1, M.A. Morozova4, G.A. Frank3 L.V. Moskvina3
Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Moscow
2Moscow State Lomonosov University, Moscow
3Russian Medical Academy of Posgraduate Study, Moscow
46th Moscow State Diagnostic Center.

Summary. We present the technology of production processes reorganization based on process approach, which allows forming a logically built, documented, transparent system for managing pathologic department. It is shown that a complex technological system should provide a stream organizing principle of the process and robotization main process stages in pathologic laboratory. A model of the process pathologic laboratory is formed using the principles of graphical modeling IDEF 0. The model is a preparatory (pre-analytical), research (analytical) and final (post-analytical) stages. The effectiveness of integrated approach demonstrated by the comparative technical and economic evaluation of manual and hardware methods in histological processing of tissue from the standpoint of cost effectiveness, improving the organization and informatization process. We have shown the possibility of significantly reducing overhead costs and economic losses by eliminating wasteful spending work-time used for manual execution of individual process steps. Thus the employment ready-to-use paraffin reduce cost up to 85.5%, ready-to-use solutions Mayer hematoxylin up to 8.4%, using disposable microtome blades up to 98.5%. Modeling and subsequent transformation process improved the quality of care and efficiency of laboratory capabilities to create conditions for increasing the volume of studies performed, to introduce a single standard of the laboratory, to shorten deadlines studies. These submissions may be useful for professionals in making decisions regarding the logistics of morphological laboratories.

Keywords. Pathologic anatomy, histology laboratory equipment, standardization of histological methods of investigation, informatization of laboratories.



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