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Complications of diabetes mellitus in children of the Kaluga region Print
Thursday, 19 January 2012

D.I. Zelinskaya1, L.V. Shiriayeva2, R.N. Terletskaya1
Scientific center of children health of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow
2Municipal pediatric hospital, the town of Kaluga, Kaluga Region

Summary. Aim of the study: to identify the structure and main features of complications of diabetes mellitus in children of the Kaluga Region with the purpose of elaborating certain approaches to epidemiologic prognosis-making and prevention of these complications at certain stages of the disease course for reducing health losses due to this nosology.

Statistical data on morbidity of diabetes mellitus and the resulting disability were included. The registry of diabetes mellitus in the Kaluga Region showed the numbers of children with diabetes mellitus inclusive those with diabetic complications, also the structure of cases of complications, mean age at the set-up of the disease and at the set-up of a complication, duration of the disease before emerging of a complication.

Morbidity of diabetes mellitus in children and resulting disability (70% of registered primary patients) in the Kaluga Region demonstrated a verified growth in 2004-2009. Predominant was the adolescence age group in affected as well as in disabled patients.

These trends corresponded to the situation in the Russian Federation as a whole and to that in the Central Federal District.

Diabetic complications were occurring in 30.9% of primary cases, with sensory neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy and retinopathy constituting for 73.1% of complications. All these complications had begun to develop at early stages after the set-up of the disease. All cases of diabetic coma had been manifestation of diabetes mellitus. Disability in patient children was labeled over as soon as the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus had been established.

Improvement in diagnosis-making should be confined to early diagnosis, expanding to pre-diabetes and latent diabetes. Prompt commitment of diagnosed patient to inpatient observation and elevation of awareness and alert of parents in caring for affected offspring should be strongly recommended. Advanced skills of pediatricians and endocrinologists in identification of lifestyle deviations and installation of corrected lifestyle of limited activity for pediatric patients with diabetes mellitus would be highly appreciable.

Keywords. Pediatric population, Diabetes mellitus, Morbidity, Diabetic complications, Disability, Health losses.


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