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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow №5 2012 (27) arrow Techniques for the assessment of diseases prevention management of a medical facility in the Russian Federation as in 2009
Techniques for the assessment of diseases prevention management of a medical facility in the Russian Federation as in 2009 Print
Tuesday, 11 December 2012

S.A. Leonov, Yu.A. Korotkov, S.K. Vladimirov, Yu.Yu. Melnikov, Yu.A. Mirskov
Federal research institute for public health organization and informatics, Moscow

Summary. Complex integral evaluation of efficiency of prevention management in medical facilities was conducted in the Federal research institute for health organization and informatics of the Ministry of health of Russia.

According to the study goal the following research aims were formulated:

1. To select statistical indicators referring to preventive management of a medical facility in the regions of the Russian Federation.

2. To classify main indicators into ground groups according to main directions of preventive management.

3. To arrange Russian regions according to certain regional mean indicators and according to main preventive activities.

4. To develop classification of Russian regions according to obtained efficiency of preventive activities.

5. To estimate weighing coefficients for the indicators by their contribution to the obtained regional rank.

The completed Forms of statistical observation No. 12 (Data on number of disease cases registered in the responsibility area of a medical facility), No. 30 (Data on a facility of treatment and prevention) and No. 70 (Data on activities of a special center for medical prevention) were enrolled in this study.

Ranging (as a subsequent step of the whole procedure) of Russian regions by certain regional mean indicators was performed in this study strictly for 2009 only. This ranging was supplemented by geographical mapping. Complex integral evaluation techniques for the assessment of prevention management of a medical facility was elaborated and realized in this study.

Keywords. Techniques for preventive management assessment; disease prevention; indicators of preventive management.


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1. 20-01-2013 01:28
На сайте Вологодского Центра медицинской профилактики в разделе "О Центре" описана история и направления деятельности этого Центра. В статье сказано, что по оценке Министерства здравоохранения и социального развития РФ, за последние годы деятельность Вологодского областного центра медицинской профилактики признана лучшей в стране. Спасибо вашей работе. Вы объективно это подтвердили.
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