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Main arrow Archive of previous Issues arrow ╣6 2013 (34) arrow Day hospital as a new approach towards organizing surgical care in policlinics in a large city
Day hospital as a new approach towards organizing surgical care in policlinics in a large city Print
Thursday, 26 December 2013

E.Ya. Nemstsveridze, K.I. Kasapov, S.Kh. Bisekov
SM-Clinic ľ Limited liability company ôDERAISö

Abstract. Background. Fundamental restructuring of the healthcare system is linked to introduction of new principles of care delivery. Deteriorated health status of the Russian population against the background of long-lasting socio-political and economic crisis leads to devastating socio-economic losses. Health indicators as well as increasing share of the elderly and old ages along with decreased fertility not only determine volumes and types of activities of health care facilities, budget and medical insurance expenditures on treatment, diagnostics, prevention, etc., but also necessitate organizational, structural and functional changes for both all types of medical care delivery as well as its individual components like surgical care.

One of the directions for further development of polyclinic surgical care is the use of hospital replacing technologies that have been actively developed in recent years. Over 15% of services previously provided by 24-hour hospitals are currently provided by day hospitals, one-day hospitals and home care.

The aim of the study is to substantiate demand for hospital replacing technologies in organizing outpatient surgical care on the base of opinion of out-patient patients with surgical pathologies.


  • To study opinion of patients of health care facilities of different types about organization of outpatient surgical care;
  • To determine medical and social performance and conditional economic benefits of a day hospital;
  • To calculate demand for surgical beds for a day hospital.

Results and scope of application. Substantiated demand of surgical patients in treatment in day hospitals, and calculated conditional economic benefits of introduction of the suggested organizational approach to surgical care delivery in outpatient facilities can be implemented within the context of current healthcare restructuring and produce positive medical and socio-economic outcomes.

Keywords. Outpatient surgical care; day hospital; efficiency; demand; performance.


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