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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Akhmetzyanov A.R.
ôHigher School of Economicsö National Research University, Moscow

Abstract. The article addresses major problems related to the improvement of primary care remuneration system in the Russian regions. Significance of the topic is determined by the need of transition towards predominantly per capita remuneration in accordance with the federal legislation in the context of unavailability of the specific methodology of medical care remuneration system under the new circumstances.

The purpose of the study was to analyze major inconsistencies of implementing the per capita primary care remuneration model in the Russian Federation due to lack of coordination between care organization and care remuneration in terms of incentives for care providers.

Methods: statistical data analysis and comparison method with the use of materials on healthcare systems of the 18 European countries and the Russian Federation.

The analysis results show that the existing characteristics of healthcare organization in our country contribute to insufficient realization of the incentives component of per capita primary care remuneration model.

As a means to address the existing inconsistencies it is suggested to follow a step-wise transition towards evaluation of care providersĺ performance based on pay-for-performance model, as well as to create conditions for eliminating staff deficit or optimizing workflow of the existing health services.

Keywords. Per capita remuneration; primary health care; pay-for-performance model; ongoing stimulation; effective contract.


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