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Monday, 19 March 2012 Trends of incidence and prevalence for the main classes of diseases among russian child, adolescent and adult population during the post-soviet period T.P. Sabgayda, O.B. Okunev 29716
Monday, 19 March 2012 Medical care to the population of an urban municipality: improving its organizational grounds A.N.Zlobin, S.V.Antipenkov, A.G.Mashin 17883
Monday, 19 March 2012 Morbidity, mortality, and disability of urban and rural population in Republic of Udmurtia A.V. Popov 19920
Monday, 19 March 2012 Disability among labor-capable population as a medical and a social problem E.Ya. Nemsveridze 20942
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 New organizational schemes of providing medical care to patients with benign hyperplasia of the prostate gland F.A. Sevryukov, O.Yu. Malinina 16298
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 Evaluation of scientific and organizational foundations for improving radiologic diagnosis-making of malignant neoplasm of the organ of vision: experience of a constituent territory (Chelyabinsk region) D.A. Vazhenina 14420
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 The quality of medical services and its assessment E.V. Rozhkova 22461
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 Priorities of state staff policies in public health A.K. Dzugayev 16420
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 The prospects and capabilities of anti-tuberculosis service in the Russian Federation: discussion O.B. Nechayeva, I.M.Son, N.V. Eismont 17479
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 Informational resources on first aid in internet web-net G.V.Neudakhin, L.Yi.Dezhurny, K.Yi.Lysenko 18218
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